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2019 banyo setleri


Bathroom sets, one of the most important choices in bathroom decoration, add stylish air to our bathroom. Bathroom sets consist of;


● Liquid soap dispenser

● Solid Soap Holder

● Tooth Brush Set

● Trash can

● Toilet Brush


Mostly 5 pieces of bathroom sets, sometimes 7 pieces. If you have a small bathroom, white comes first. It will make you feel more spacious and spacious. If your bathroom is large enough, you can use dark colors with peace of mind to get more elegant looks. Bathroom sets can be produced from many materials.


● Plastic

● Stainless

● Metal

● Ceramic

● Porcelain


Bathroom sets such as materials are available. Plastic bathroom sets are made up of many bad elements in terms of health. Therefore, the bathrooms are not used much.