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modern samdan

Candlestick candle holder is one of the most important accessories you want to put on your dining table. You can also use it as a decorative on your desk chic and different model candlesticks to relax you and make a perfect environment for dim. It is one of the home decoration accessories that almost everyone wants to be at home. Most people love to decorate candles everywhere in the house with candle decoration, because it is in many colors, it will provide you with ease in every corner of the house. If there is an individual who smokes in the house, candlesticks have a physical structure that absorbs the bad smell, which is one of the most common reasons for use. Some candlestick models are as follows;


● Wrought Iron Candlestick

● Glass Candlestick

● Ahşap Şamdan

● Metal Şamdan

● Plexiglass Candlestick

● Crystal Candlestick



Candlestick with models will reveal your style in your home decoration without telling your color.